About Makou

"Makou" is Hawaiian and means "we." Why Hawaiian? The islands have become a real melting pot of cultures, with immigrants from all over the world. The tipical spirit ist palpable: the diverse culture finds its expression not only in the language, music, art, dance and theater, but as well as in daily interaction with each other. Positive thinking - this art has been perfected in Hawaii. Also the Hawaiian spirit that you don't take yourself too seriously and you treat each other on a very friendly level. 

We think that this culture and its spirit is beautiful and exactly the same values we want to live by in our community. Above all we share the belief that everything and everyone is connected to each other, and that you can reach your personal the next level with a strong and empowering community.  

Maybe you already came across our mascot "Makou Hai". An Hawaiian legends says, that there have been 2 sharks that protected the islands. Our Makou Hai protects our values and community.