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Our Code of Conduct

We want to build a safe and enjoyable environment and expect all its members to know and follow the Code of Conduct.


1. Standards of collaboration


1.1 Team spirit, constructive collaboration, open communication​​

We promote a constructive, positive, and healthy environment and believe that open communication and constructive collaboration are the keys to success.


1.2 Interaction with Members and Partners

We behave fairly, transparently and respectfully towards our members and partners and expect the same vice versa.


2. Data protection

2.1 Handling information

We expect confidential treatment of business, financial and technical data and no misappropriation of the tangible assets or intellectual property both of Makou and our Members. Confidential information and trade secrets must not be disclosed internally or externally to unauthorized persons. We do not tolerate misuse of such information for personal use or unauthorized benefit of third parties.

2.2 Personal data

We treat the personal data of our members, our employees, and our business partners with particular trust and take the appropriate protective measures. We strictly adhere to the principles of data protection.


3. Compliance

3.1 Generally

We expect all our members, our employees, and our partners to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

3.2 Tolerance and humanity

We do not tolerate discrimination against anyone based on their origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, faith or ideology.


3.3 Protection of the environment

Our goal is to use natural resources as responsible and sustainable as possible. When choosing partners, we make sure that they share and implement our values.

Do you have suggestions for adjustment? Please contact us.

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